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Do you work with children, young people or adults? Do you want to incorporate the subject of intersex into your work? There are several different ways to incorporate intersex into your work thematically. You could ensure that the subject continually runs through your work (implicit) or you could approach it in a more emphatic way (explicit). There is also plenty of information available on other parts of our website relating to the important issues to consider in intersex and education and the important dos and don’ts that need to be followed.

Throughout our website, we also refer to a range of useful materials that are aimed at different audiences. You can also view videos and articles by intersex people – this is great way to enable inter* people to have their say. Please take a look at our voices and role models page.

Since the subject of intersex is receiving more and more attention in German-speaking countries, it may be the case that the information provided here, which was last updated in August 2019, is no longer up-to-date. It is therefore a good idea to supplement what you find out here with information from other sources too.

Teaching materials

Click here to view information on a range of children’s books on the subject of intersex.

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    This educational and antidiscrimination project focusing on gender and sexual diversity offers workshops for school children, youth groups and groups of young adults. The subject of intersex is currently being gradually introduced.
  • Schule der Vielfalt – Schule ohne Homophobie
    This educational project encourages students and teachers to do more to prevent discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, inter* and queer people in schools. On the website, there is a range of teaching materials for lessons and project days as well as ideas that can help schools to promote greater acceptance of different lifestyles. Information on intersex issues is also included in the material.